Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking a different tack . . .

Too much of the pastel sweetness and light all at once just before this, I guess. Time to get a bit more austere.

I've also found myself using ideas from earlier quite larger works, and translating them down to this small size. Interesting exercise. (Have I just been wasting canvas all this time??) I generally paint on medium large canvases, like 24 x 30 to 36 x 36 or even larger. I wonder how this "scaling down" aspect will affect my work when I go back to bigger canvases?

What I do is make many small sketches of ideas. It's an easy thing to do anytime I'm waiting somewhere. Then I turn many of those sketches into 50-50 pieces. Not all, of course, but many of them. This means that I have to be careful to check off or "X" out the sketches I have actually used, so as not to repeat an image. So far that's only happened once, and as you can see above, I've changed the green & purple one by collaging on a small felt marker on paper drawing.

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